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What to expect:

Each training course will start between 09:00 and 09:30 depending on the subject.  On the first day, there will be introduction sessions. These are designed to help learners introduce themselves to the rest of the group and to develop confidence in the learning process.  Once these have been completed, administration packs and paperwork are then done.  Once all administration has been finished, the learning process begins!

The duration of the courses will differ depending on the content.  The assessment of each course is usually done by multiple choice exams and work product that has been produced throughout the duration of the classroom/contact hours of the course.

Once the candidate has completed the course, they will receive notification of the results usually within 14 working days and their certificates within a month.  These certificates will enable the learner to progress with their chosen career by enabling them to apply for the different licenses within the security industry or by increasing their skills set in their chosen field.