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Michael Cockley

Michael Cockley - Director & Lead Consultant

Michael comes from the challenging area of West London.  He is one of 2 children and from an early age was active in Boxing, Rugby, Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai which he regularly competed in, at various levels up to semi-professional.  He attended Uxbridge High School and completed his schooling career at UHS Sixth Form.  He started working on club and pub doors from 1996 and was soon running his own teams.  

Michael starting working at Twickenham Stadium in 1998 and was soon responsible for the Response Teams.  He also was a managing partner for a successful security firm, supplying door staff to various venues in and around London.  Michael joined a large national security company as an Operational Manager in 2008 where he was able to utilise his experience in the security field.  He worked at all of the major venues the company operated, gaining valuable experience in dealing with various event and staffing issues.  In 2009, he was head hunted to be the second in command for a large training organisation.  He was responsible for the operation of funded training and business development.  After 5 years of developing an excellent awareness for training industry and the related markets, Michael took the step to branch out start Evolution Training Consultants Ltd to offer a more bespoke suite of training solutions.  

Michael has undergone a vast amount of training, including a Diploma in Event Safety Management and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Event Management.

Ron Firth Ron Frith - Trainer & Consultant
Ron was born in Catterick, North Yorkshire and traveled the world as his father was in the Army. This gave him a taste for travel and other cultures.  As an adult he visited Israel and South Africa and immersed himself in their culture. On returning to the UK he began a career in hospitality and customer service working at TGI Fridays, becoming the 10th Master bartender in the United Kingdom and from there he experienced the world of training and coaching by becoming an in store trainer for staff and a member of international new store opening teams.

In 2006 he completed the door supervisor course and began working various venues and events around the country and overseas. Always wanting to be at the top of his game he completed various NVQ’s relating to the security industry then his qualification in Close Protection and trained as a remote trauma combat medic.

A keen martial artist from an early age, Ron has trained in Tae-Kwon-Do and Ju-Jitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu and more recently MMA.  He enjoys working as a combat sports official in his spare time.

A great believer in customer service and the fact that if a job is worth doing, its worth doing right! Always remembering that the difference between “Ordinary” and “Extraordinary” is just a little extra.